2 Ways to Make a Really Tough Call – Opening to Wisdom

We all face times where we go back and forth on a difficult decision that we have:  Do you accept the job offer? Do you let somebody go? Do you hire person X or person Y? Do you raise a tough issue with your partner, or when you pick your battles, is this one not … Continued

Improv Your Way to Being a Winner-Leader

There’s a wonderful movie out called Don’t Think Twice. It’s directly about Improv  — so enjoy some very funny scenes. Yet it moves beyond Improv to Improv’s relationship with mainstream “show business.”  And, as Keegan-Michael Key shared with Stephen Colbert it actually moves well beyond that to offer a bigger statement…one relevant to Reading for Leading: … Continued

Don’t Be a Leader in a Bubble

As we swim in the national soup of a presidential campaign, the best learning about leadership lies outside the usual back-and-forth.  Whether we are leading in an office or company, a school or family, a church or neighborhood, we have to grapple with IMPRESSIONS and FEELINGS and not just data and facts. I offer:  an … Continued