How to Turn an Adversary into an Ally

I have been doing a lot of thinking about — and a considerable amount of coaching with — partners, or those I describe as “paired leaders.”  Their relationships range from manager-to-direct-report, to diagonal reports, to straight-up peers.  Most are “work spouses,” but I have also been coaching some actual spouses as part of my executive … Continued

Leading and Chaos

On my way into a week of prayerful and blessed silence, I brought with me, Philando Castille, Alton Sterling and the Dallas Police Officers. In the middle of the retreat, I heard priests talking about “the horrible news out of Nice.” The day I came out of retreat it was Turkey.  And, after church today, … Continued

Leading Towards Peace and Justice

I am beginning a week’s silent spiritual retreat, so this will be short. In my native spiritual tongue, let me say that I will “pray” for you, and I ask you to pray for me. (If you’re more comfortable with “sending positive energy” that’s great, too.) Last week was horrible. Let’s all pray — and … Continued

5th of July – Let it Go. Let it Rip.

If you find this back at your work station, welcome back.  Many of us, back from the sun (burn?), water, fireworks, beer and wine, family (maybe family stress ? 🙂 ), friends, kids, late nights, naps. Not an easy transition, so three short thoughts to let it go and let it rip. Be realistic. Few … Continued