Leading with Character and With a Coin on the Copier

Last week I referenced the story of the “coin on the copier.” I referred to it as one of those stories about things you may say — especially when people look up to you — where the impact on others is more powerful than you’d ever think. The coin on the copier story was something … Continued

Leaders Are Big – But Forget It

Last week I wrote about how my former TA, Hannah figured she was being listened to and appreciated, because, as she said, “I get invited to a lot of meetings.”  That story prompted this response from a reader: “I remember very vividly one early morning when I was working in the Executive Office, and Governor … Continued

What to do if They don’t listen to you

Yesterday, I went for a run with Hannah, a former student and TA of mine. She’s now doing amazing work at an excellent organization. She shared some reflections on how she felt the organization could improve. I shared with her that I thought her reflections made a lot of sense, told her how darned smart … Continued

Organic Farming Teaching Leading

I heard two amazing speakers at a spa/retreat placed called Rancho La Puerta outside Tecate in Mexico a few weeks back. And, I watched the way people listened to them.  And I want you to invite such riveted listening. My wife Jennifer (Granholm) was one. She talked — but mostly turned over great clods of … Continued