How to Find Your Leading SWEET SPOT

When my awesome 84-year old mom routinely answers my question, “How are you, Mom?” by saying, “I’m just so busy.” And when my friend’s YPO (Young Presidents Organization) group is holding a retreat on dealing with “the rat race,” I think, “Whoa! We’re all stretching, stressing, striving, spinning the hamster wheel.  And ready to . … Continued

Two Things to Make Your Goals Work For You

Last week, I suggested that you take YOUR route to annual goal-setting. Maybe your verb is to “hope,” or “intend” or a “commit” to those goals.  Robert Fritz, whose work I greatly admire,* balked at my offering of verbs. He argued that I missed the most important verb, to CHOOSE your goals.  And he offered … Continued

New Year – New You – Put it Out There

I have arrogantly written my first law of leadership. In honor of ancient languages like Hebrew and Arabic, my law reads “backwards.” Because to do something backwards requires intention and focus. Thus, Mulhern’s First Law of Leadership: tfeL oTthgiR morF knihT syawlA or, for ease: Always Think From Right to Left. Our animal instinct is … Continued