Practice Leading Where It Matters Most

For the moment the furor has died down.  NFL players who abused their girl friends, spouses or children have been rightly suspended. For the moment my furor has died down. Once again last week I said things to one of my family members I wished I hadn’t said. The individual reciprocated. I reacted with defensive … Continued

Leadership and Seventh Grade – Are You Ready

At the beginning of every class, I literally throw Kudos to students. (Tragically M&M Mars is discontinuing the not-so-tasty food bar, so I’m open to suggestions of new prize tosses.) I especially look for new insights or for people going outside the safety zones that invisibly hold them in. Last week I asked (again): Do … Continued

How You Can You Make Democracy Work – At Work

At the end I share 5 quick things to do to make your workplace more democratic.  But, first, are you sold on it?  And does your organization need it? Do people still not get the power of a democratic workplace? I arrived early for my speech to a chapter of the National Human Resources Association. … Continued

Where Leaders Don’t Hang Out and Maybe They Should…

…At the Notre Dame vs Michigan Game, that’s where!… (leaders don’t hang out and maybe should). The few thousands of my fellow Michigan fans — among the tens of thousands of Irish fans — were sour and only soured more.  By the end of the first quarter, “Take Gardner out” could be heard up there … Continued

Bring Confucius to Confusion

Last week I started teaching my undergraduate leadership course. I gave all the students a blue 3×5 index card and a gold one.  “Write a blue card if something made you feel the blues in here,” I told them, “and a gold if something made you feel golden.” Over the course of seven semesters one message … Continued