Yesterday We Remembered – Today Let’s Lead

Yesterday we remembered all those who “made the ultimate sacrifice” in service to country. Especially since 911, we get all gushy.  We should. We are blessed to live in this great country and blessed by those who have had to fight when the country seemed threatened. Standing in dizzyingly sharp contrast to our immaculate patriotism … Continued

You SHOULD Lead but Why?

Usually Reading for Leading comes surprisingly easy to me. I write a list of ideas that seem alive and then one just seems to recommend itself.  This time, a list of five came easily enough.  But none were worthy. None had mystery. None had zing.  It took me a while to realize: Sometimes, “nothing” is a … Continued

Who’s the Leader – Your Mom or Your Dad

I was just talking to a good friend and his 9th grade son, and I asked the youngster: “Who’s the leader in your house — your mom or your dad?” His mom who’s been largely stay-at-home is now re-entering the work force. His dad is the breadwinner, the bigger of the two, the main driver … Continued

Data on What Should You Be Coaching Your People About

This marks the final column, and to me, the most interesting data from our mini-research inquiry on managerial coaching. While the first two were about how frequently people would like to be coached, today’s data is about the what – On what do we like to be coached? Before we jump to the findings, however, a … Continued