If You’ve Screwed Up — Readers Offer GREAT Strategies for Recovery

Last week I shared a couple mistakes I made, how I tried to recover (my bulleted list immediately below), and my lingering frustration with myself.  I asked how others felt about my strategies and my lingering dis-ease. The comments were so good that I’m reprinting them here.  First my list: I described what I had … Continued

Would You Handle Your Screw-Ups As I Have Mine?

Trust is the KILLER APP. A new client retained me last week. I told him I’d write up the agreement and pricing if he wanted it, but I didn’t need it. He could dump me at any time, and I’d fix to his liking any issue regarding payments.  He was fine with that and said … Continued

Maturing as Leaders by Complements and Compliments

Long before Sting, Carl Jung wrote deeply about synchronicity – the occurrence in time of seemingly unrelated events which when read as a pair seem profoundly steeped in meaning and purpose.  So it was that on Friday, January 3rd after a dozen years of gruesome, noble, and spirited battles with cancers and other biological assailants, … Continued

See Your Way to the Best Year Ever

Happy New Year!  That’s a wish.  And here are 3 actionable ideas, especially if you haven’t set goals for 2014. First, put yourself first! Second, make yourself focus. Third, work backwards from January 1, 2015. Put yourself first, because nobody else (other than a great coach) should or will put you first.  Don’t start the … Continued