Simple Inspiration

I first met Barbara Lee ten years ago.  My wife had been talking about this amazing woman who was relentlessly dedicated to identifying, recruiting, supporting, and coaching great women to run for elective office.  Jennifer doesn’t think she’d have gotten elected without Barbara’s encouragement and energy. Jennifer was far from Barbara’s only beneficiary.  Barbara Lee … Continued

Monday Inspiration from Bones and Lefty

Are you, as I am in middle age, drawn to enchanted memories of early years? I can see, even smell certain places I haven’t been in 40 years. So my brother Pat repeatedly says to me, “Danny, we’ve got to go back and play Birmingham [Country Club].” He and I caddied there. We spent hundreds … Continued

4 Suggestions for a leader on vacation

  I’m back from two weeks of vacation on magnificent Lake Michigan.  I learned some simple leadership tips; some through success, and others as notes to do better next time.  If you’re going on vacation at some point perhaps you’ll find value in these 4 takeaways. 1. Get all the way away.  Routine can shrink … Continued

What’s YOUR Style of Everyday Leadership?

  Our marvelous friend Jeanne Gallo invited six of her husband’s law school classmates from ’86, and Jennifer and me, and our spouses and children to their summer cottage for the 4th of July. She had no idea when she issued the invites that tragedy would intervene. Three weeks ago Jeanne’s sister found their mom … Continued

Is There a Competitive Advantage to Messing Up?

I was speaking to a delegation of manufacturers from China about old and new leadership approaches in America. After every four or five sentences, I would stop. The interpreter would then reel off sentences in Mandarin. I’d catch when he said a word, like “Google” or “Obama,” but otherwise I understood absolutely nothing. As he … Continued