Messed Up Santa Claus Leadership

Friends, This is schizo season, when all we want is to enjoy the holidays, but for so many of us the holidays feel like just one more thing we have to do. We have a lot to do: We’re grading papers, or making last minute sales calls, or budgeting, and, and, and. So, my plan … Continued

Sing Your Thanksgiving″>link

Friends, For every hundred people reading this column today, I’d bet that 99 have an emotional response, if asked, “How do you feel about singing, and in particular about someone hearing your singing?”  Don’t quit on me, now.  This IS about leadership. You see, singing and leadership share the reality and the metaphor of “voice.” … Continued

Intimacy and Leadership”>

Friends, What a week. After all the intensity and anticipation, the election came and is gone. Can you believe TIME already has profiles of the 2016 contenders?  Is that not a sign that the pace of our lives needs just a little recalibration? From a leadership vantage point, two moments stood out this week.  The … Continued

Risky Business – I Recommend It

Friends, My stomach has announced:  the election is nearly here.  My first memorable campaign was 1969, when I was in 5th grade. I could hardly sleep leading up to my dad’s mayoral election. He lost.  And those stomach pains gave way to the peculiar physiological process we call crying – whatever tightness was held in … Continued