Go Back to School at the School of Leadership

Friends, Let’s start quickly with TV, then to school, and on to work. Tell me why these were GREAT shows?  M.A.S.H., All in the Family, Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore.  If I’m dating myself terribly, throw in The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Modern Family.  Why so good? What do they have in … Continued

Empowering Your People – Crazy – Like a Fox!

Friends, Here’s my favorite line from my favorite book on leadership: “Credible leaders accept and act upon the paradox of power: We become most powerful when we give our power away.” – Kouzes and Posner, The Leadership Challenge. Some never get this. They are threatened by staff. Their ego needs to be in control. They fear … Continued

What Drives You Through Setbacks — An Olympic Example

Friends, The Greeks were famous for their mythology and for their sense of drama (humor, irony, and tragedy).  Their Olympics as well as ours shine with such myth and drama.  Drama, too, character-izes our own lives. I point to one Olympic story today, because it offers a model for our everyday leadership dramas.  The model … Continued

Building on the Positive When Faced with the Negative

Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column KIM S. CAMERON: Building on the Positive When Faced With the Negative   We are all familiar with the principle that leaders should emphasize the positive, build on strengths, and focus on abundance rather than deficits.  We know that providing positive feedback is likely to produce higher productivity and higher engagement that criticism … Continued