Are You Too Critical? Research Says…Probably

My 21-year old daughter stopped me in my tracks.  “Have you ever heard your tone of voice with Jack (her 14 year old brother)?” she asked me this week.   The implication was clear and clearly troubling!  Of course, none of us do hear just what we sound like.  Nor do we measure how often we … Continued

Which Habit Matters Most in Your Effectiveness

Friends, He was 79 when he fell from his bike on a steep road this past spring. Although he lost consciousness, there didn’t appear to be lasting damage.  But he fell ill at a family gathering in Idaho and died peacefully — a week ago today — surrounded by his wife and nine children. I … Continued

It’s Not Just What Women Are Looking For

    Note from Dan:  Sally Helgesen is one of those thinkers who is both original and yet sensible.  She breaks new ground and yet she makes perfect sense.  When Sally and I discussed some ideas that are fascinating to her, I latched on to the one below, and encouraged her to write about this.  I hope … Continued

Frustration, Fireworks, and Freedom

Friends, I don’t know an American who doesn’t have a sense of pride at the Declaration of 1776 and the freedom and democracy it  bequeathed to us. And I also don’t know anyone who’s not frustrated with today’s politics. The money already spent is sick. The distortions, flip-flops, over-simplifications and manipulations will abound. You could … Continued