Why Trying “Not to do” Something Seldom Works – and What Does

Friends, In my law school class on leadership, my students teach themselves a lot about their natural strengths in leading as well as their areas of challenge.  Two third year women posted online an identical point of frustration and determination:  they hated being late and were determined to do something different in their next job. … Continued

What to Get Dad: Compassion and Curiosity

SPECIAL FATHER’S DAY EDITION What to Get Dad: Compassion and Curiosity As we celebrate Father’s Day, explore with me two questions: How do dads lead? And what do dads need? Back in the day – through the ’50s and ’60s – dad led by protecting and providing, establishing order and rules. In the identical 1,400 … Continued

AMY LYMAN: How a Simple Action Can Become a Story

Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column AMY LYMAN: How a Simple Action Can Become a Story In the thirty years that I have been studying organizations and leaders, I’ve come to greatly appreciate the value of storytelling as a way of sharing values and lessons learned. During my time working with the 100 Best Companies, I’ve come across some fantastic … Continued

The Rope Trick – How to avoid getting let down

  Friends, I recommend you watch today’s RFL, which I shared on Maria Shriver’s website last week.*   I realize that many read RFL at work and may not be able to watch video, so below is a written piece which parallels the points in the video.  As always I’d love your comments.   It’s a three-headed … Continued