Friends, I heard from two Romanians, a Hungarian, Venezuelan, Pakistani, and one American.  I ran an experiment that shed an eerie light on the book that Jennifer and I have coming out in three weeks, and it also reinforced my thinking about the importance of this “Everyday Leadership” I keep writing about. The story:  I wanted … Continued

Get Smart with Socrates

Friends, Like Socrates, I know one thing for sure:  I don’t know anything for sure.  The cool thing about “not knowing” is that you’re always learning.  I learned a TON last week, and I want to share three quickies with you.  I hope they help you see that whatever ignorance, lack, uncertainty, or emptiness you … Continued

A Governor’s Story

Dan Mulhern and Gov. Granholm’s latest book “A Governor’s Story” is now available! A candid account by Michigan’s charismatic, controversial former governor of reckoning with the profound economic challenges her state—and the country—face. Release Date: 9/20/11 Jennifer Granholm was the two-term governor of Michigan, a state synonymous with manufacturing during a financial crisis that threatened … Continued

Lead Me!

Friends, A reader sent me tremendous, specific feedback last week.  (He thought I injected my political views in ways that distracted from the point about how leaders sometimes have to push people to make hard chocies. And he was right.)  He’s prompted me to seek more feedback to make RFL work for you.   The … Continued