Leading When the Lines Are All Blurred

Friends, Have you ever thought about all the lines that have been erased in the last 50 years?  It hit me when I was listening to a story about the number and impact of “soldier bloggers” in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Technology has eliminated the line between journalists and troops, and the line between commanders and … Continued

Don’t Meet Me Halfway

Friends, Today is Jennifer’s and my 25th anniversary. Like any relationship that has endured so long, our marriage has many facets or levels to it. And because I believe that the power of all leadership comes from the power of relationships, I thought it worth sharing a little about ours. Lesson One: Generosity is a … Continued

Arnold could learn something from Dan

The Detroit News If any political couple had a right to lash out at Arnold Schwarzenegger for fathering a child with a member of his household staff, it is former Gov. Jennifer Granholm and her husband Daniel Mulhern. Not only do the two former governors have a lot in common — both could have been … Continued

NEWSWEEK OPINION: How to Be a Real Man

Dan Mulhern responds to Newsweek’s cover on the “Beached White Male.” The old rules don’t work—as I’ve learned being married to a powerful woman. Here’s what I’m telling our son about modern manhood Editor’s note: Mulhern is married to star Democrat Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan. After reading NEWSWEEK’S April 26 cover on how … Continued

Oxymoron for the week – Everyday Leadership Superstar

Friends, Leadership lessons often leap from the world of sports.  And so often, NOT!  Today, a big NOT.  I opened a news site’s sports page, it was about playoffs, and typically, it was all about stars: Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City and the showdown between Joe Thornton of the Sharks (boo!) and Ryan Kessler of … Continued

Today is Mothers Day

Friends, On Mothers Day, is it just my early ’60s-’70s upbringing that makes me think of a very traditional mom?  You know, cooking, hugging, putting on bandages, meeting the bus, cleaning (and making us clean), gardening, and taking grandma to the doctors.  Of course, most moms are still doing that. But 4 of every 5 … Continued

Does It Ever Make Sense for a Leader to Strain?

Friends, Two quick public service announcements before today’s thoughts. On Newsweek’s “My Turn” page today, you’ll find a “letter to my son Jack” that I wrote in response to their cover story last week about the “Beached White Male.” I’d love to hear what you think.  And if you find it worth sharing, please do so. … Continued