Ellen Galinsky Fortune 100 Interview

“Everyday Leadership” favorite Ellen Galinsky talked to Dan about the six characteristics of an effective and flexible work environment, and they affect the family environment.

Nate Butki and Michael Burchell Interview Part 2

In the second segment Nate and Michael elaborate on why the best places to work aren’t necessarily the one’s with the best perks, but one’s that push their employees to contribute more and develop a stronger relationship.

Nate Butki and Michael Burchell Interview Part 1

In the beginning of the Fortune 100 show, Dan talked with Nate Butki and Michael Burchell of The Great Places to Work Institute. We get the background of how the list originated, and a rundown of this year’s companies.

Short RFL – Easy Quiz

Short RFL – Easy Quiz Friends, Pop quiz:  What do the following five firms have in common? Ernst & Young Plante & Moran Deloitte Pricewaterhousecooper KPMG Easy, right?  Top accounting firms in the country – in fact the top four, plus Plante & Moran (the great Michigan-based firm – 12th in the country and steadily … Continued

Last Week on “Everyday Leadership”: How to be the Boss

Last week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed being the boss, and the different managerial styles between men and women. Different managerial styles between men and women can be a loaded question, with many different takes on it. Dan was looking to explore if there is a difference between genders, and what kind of effect it … Continued