Christine Leads A Family Reunion With a Purpose

Christine Leads A Family Reunion With a Purpose Friends, It began with the desire to do something good.  I have had a deep love for New Orleans since the early ’80s when I ran a neighborhood social service center for the Catholic Diocese there.  Watching Katrina/Rita and seeing the maps of flooding were personally painful. … Continued

Previously on Everyday Leadership Radio

The daily tasks at work are hard enough, but what do you do when you have the added challenges of things such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or depression slowing you down? Tune in to the podcast and learn ways to cope with additional challenges at work from our expert guests. Authors Fawn Fitter and Beth … Continued

Home Leadership – Father's Week

Home Leadership – Fathers Week Friends, “Sorry. We did not find any results with the search terms you provided. Please try your search again.” I’ll leave you to wonder for a second what I was searching for on the Barnes & Noble magazine database.  Frustrated at finding nothing, I searched for “parents” and got 59 results. … Continued

"Everyday Leadership" Radio

Earlier this month, you heard all about the leaders that are making work work in Detroit and across the state, but who’s making it work in Grand Rapids?  Dan took the show on the road again last week to Grand Rapids to find out! Guests included  John Zwarensteyn (The Grand Rapids Business Journal), Laurie Forte … Continued

Just a minute here!

Just a Minute Friends, Life is so crazy – how one day, one minute, even one split second, and one interaction can change everything. Over the weekend a friend told me about a guy he’s befriended who’s hoping for parole. This prisoner was a good athlete, student, kid and had a manager’s job in his … Continued