You're a Stick Figure – or Two

You’re a Stick Figure – or Two Friends, “Lead with your best self” is the way I close my RFL columns, and I thought in the next few weeks I’d share some of the seeds at the core of that expression.  Fundamental to this exhortation is  the notion that you can present to yourself and … Continued

Manage the Manager

I shouldn’t have been surprised that Meryl Runion, who has a series of books on “power phrases” and a website called would shoot right straight to the red dot in the center of the target. She did, as I was interviewing her this past week on the topic of ASSERTIVENESS.  (The show and twenty-five … Continued

Leaders: Compelling, Persuasive, Articulate – Forget That!

Leaders – Compelling, Articulate, Persuasive – Forget That Friends, Think of leaders who were powerful communicators: there’s Lincoln’s simple elegance at Gettysburg, FDR on “nothing to fear,” JFK on “ask not what your country can do for you…” and Churchill exhorting England “Never, never, never give up.”  We think of Iacocoa on TV, or Reagan … Continued

Getting Promoted – The Data and Implications for Everyday Leaders

Getting Promoted – The Data and Implications for Everyday Leaders Friends, A big thanks to the 900+ people who answered last week’s brief survey on what gets people job promotions.  The results are fascinating, so I’ll summarize the two clear takeaways. First,  how fair are promotions?  When asked how people had been treated in promotion … Continued