Succeeding at Far Off Goals – Last in a series

Today in the last of a series on reaching long-term goals, I offer age-old wisdom from Stephen Covey along with a simple, specific tactic. First, the tactic: create two-week goals.  Take the big long-term goal that you have, and ask yourself this simple question: “What can I accomplish in two weeks that will lead me … Continued

Kobe Bryant – Mea Culpa

RFL Readers: I received two private emails from people who were upset with my choice of Kobe Bryant as a role model for leadership. They were not arguing with Kobe’s work ethic and his turning to a coach to improve his skills. They instead said that his whole character was problematic for them. They pointed … Continued

Hitting the Hard to Reach Goals – Part 3

THE most important thing to do once you have a clear goal in place is to identify the key driver. By “driver” I mean the key strategy or activity that more than anything else will lead you to your goal. The goal is something you really want; the driver on the other hand may well … Continued

Succeeding at Far Off Goals – Part 2

[audio:] Today, leadership from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Yes, superstars. Yes, athletes. And yes, yes, they are relevant for you and me, everyday leaders. Kobe and MJ exemplify the third and fourth keys in this mini-series of thoughts for those who have a big goal which at times, perhaps most of the time, seems … Continued

Will We Ever Get There – Leading When Success Seems Far Away at Best

Okay, so I’m done encouraging you to set goals. I’m moving on to a new and nearly universal leadership question: What are the key leadership strategies to succeed when the goals you are striving to reach will take a long time, and when there are variables that may entirely prevent you from reaching them? Perhaps … Continued

Goal Setting Resources

Rene asked me in a post if I had any recommendations for time management resources/books. Here are my thoughts, Rene. I welcome others to chime in. First, I think time management and goal setting are lifelong pursuits. I do it differently year-to-year, trying to hone what works. Here are the two that I would consider … Continued

Help Me Spread a Positive Virus

Friends, I first want to wish you a great 2010. A year in which you set sights that are worthy of the gifts and abilities and dreams you possess. A year in which you take the plunge and engage to make a difference in your world. A year during which you don’t start just the … Continued