Keep Their Spirit Alive

Friends, Welcome back from Memorial Day. Sometimes these 4 day weeks put pressure on us to achieve 5 days worth of work. But before you start churning through it all, you might gather up strength and purpose from Memorial Day. On Thursday, my wife and General Cutler invited the “families of the fallen” soldiers to … Continued

Leader or Whiner

Friends, Would you argue with me if I said that we have become a culture of whiners?  Leaders — and of course I use that word not to refer to a position, but to a frame of mind and action — leaders don’t whine.  And our world needs us to lead. Whining connotes powerlessness.  And … Continued

JUST a Great Case of Everyday Leadership

Friends, I woke up on Mothers Day excited about writing about moms as the archetypal “everyday leaders.”  I was going to ask you if these words better described a great mom or a great leader:  they encourage, empower, stimulate collaboration, believe in their people, prepare us for the future, and serve others before themselves.  That’s … Continued

Optimists and Skeptics Look For Results in the Week Ahead

Friends, One of Colin Powell’s famous guideposts for leadership is, “perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” I always loved the West Point feeling of it: a “force multiplier” sounds so technical and mathematical and militarily strategic. Snap your fingers: you’re optimistic! You’re optimistic, your force has doubled! So today, an example of how optimism works, … Continued