Choose to make it great in '08

Friends, A new beginning!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I’m seizing the chance to wrestle freedom from the clutches of habit and external limits.  I’m not sure which is more amazing – how freedom remains an option or how increasingly daunting habit and circumstance appear.  I’m treasuring the possibility to choose my attitude, choose my thoughts, and choose … Continued

You Can Get It Back

Friends, Sharp contrasts can wake you up.  Consider this one.  Many people are not very optimistic about the future – of politics, the country, the economy, or our schools.  And their worries about tomorrow dampen and darken their today.  Now, here’s the contrast; you won’t be surprised that it has to do with my favorite … Continued

A Season of Generous Leadership

Friends, What would you say is the first thing a person must have to be a leader?  Ambition?  Confidence?  Vision?  Intellect?  This would be a fun discussion; don’t you think? I’d say the first attribute of a leader is generosity.  To lead, by definition, is to reach beyond oneself.  The fundamental leadership attitude is one … Continued

The leader(s) in charge drive the culture

There are many fascinating responses to my RFL post this week on the importance of the family meal.  Included among them, Professor Bill Doherty weighs in on the research he’s done and about which I wrote. I was struck with how two sets of seemingly contradictory comments reveal the same point.  Many of those who have … Continued

Family Leadership – Another Duh! and Wow! Moment for Me

What would you guess is THE most significant activity that you can do to support your children’s psychological and cognitive development? Is it diet, rest, hugs, reading? Doherty says unequivocally that the most significant activity is to…