Suits and Arrows

Friends, Like him or not, agree with him or not, imagine what President Bush must feel at the juncture of two utterly awful choices: stay with the guarantee of more deaths and no guarantee of stability, or leave with the virtual guarantee of heightened chaos. Neither is a good choice; only the choice of lesser … Continued

Empower the Team with Values

Friends, Last week I got a great shot-in-the-arm. Yes, that’s a good thing. On Tuesday my wife launched a new effort in Michigan to work with the CEOs of Michigan’s, Fortune magazine “100 Best Companies” to find innovative ways to support the attraction and growth of great employee-focused companies in Michigan. We know that all … Continued

Do You Recognize Them?

Friends,   In the State of Michigan, as many of you know, we are in the throes of a profound budget crisis.  Belts are being tightened so far that we’re punching new holes.  On my radio show last week, I talked with Chester Elton, author of the best selling book, The Carrot Principle about how … Continued

Lessons on Leadership and Global Warming

Friends, Global warming.  Last week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said it’s real and that we need to significantly change policies on greenhouse gas emissions.  The group, commissioned by over 100 governments including the United States and China, offered a summary of its (1400+ page) report and issued clear warnings in consensus language.  After … Continued

Email on Email II

Friends, Last week’s email on email overload evoked a flood of responses.  One thing you reminded me of is that breaking bad habits requires awareness and repetition, so today’s short email repeats the same theme, offering you just three simple thoughts on email: 1.  Check out my blogsite:   In response to last week’s email … Continued