An Email to Help With Email

Friends,   After I interviewed Quicken Loans’ Chairman Dan Gilbert on my radio program last week, he and I were commiserating about our unceasing volumes of e-mail.  We’re bailing messages out of our Blackberries, but our buckets seem inadequate to keep pace with the incoming volume.  Then I was talking with someone at a reception … Continued

Today's Show – NFLer Jim Brown

Today on the Dan Mulhern show we’ve got a great one-two punch: NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown and Bishop Nathaniel Wells, Jr., of Muskegon.  The pair are working together on a program called AmerICan that helps develop life skills for people trying to turn their lives around.  Why are some folks satisfied to … Continued

Jim Kouzes on Monday on the Dan Mulhern Show

Today promises to be a GREAT show as I’m joined by Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, arguably the best leadership book on the market.  Kouzes and his colleague Barry Posner have written one of the most research-based and readable books out there on leadership.  Click on the link to the left to hear … Continued

Quicken Loans – How Employees Matter

Friends, Wednesday was an enlivening day. Day 3 of the new employee orientation at Quicken Loans. No, I don’t have a new job, but the day made me think that this would be one cool place to work. (If Quicken sounds interesting to you, here’s a link: I was slipped in among 340 brand … Continued

Managing the Pain and Stress of Leading

Friends,  I have taken on a lot of public work.  And I wonder if a dream last night resulted from my heightened notoriety.  I dreamed I was on my way to a meeting, with a group of CPAs who were announcing a generous program to help people with their taxes.  When I got to their … Continued

Women and Men on Wednesday – on the Dan Mulhern Show

“Male and female He made them” we read in Genesis.  And how are they each made for leadership?  Is there a men’s leadership style?  And a women’s?  Are there generally characteristics that apply to gender and leadership?  We’ll be addressing these questions and having some fun with Kellly Rossman, CEO of the Rossman Group, a … Continued

Tuesday on The Dan Mulhern Show

Today we talk about goals with two great guests who know something about them:  Pat Ball, the director of the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon and Jim Dreyer who holds 14 world records for endurance swimming, having crossed all 5 of our Great Lakes. We’re also giving away a copy of Everyday Leadership to the caller … Continued

Sound and Vision

On Monday, March 5 at 6 p.m. I launch the Dan Mulhern Show on Everyday Leadership on the Michigan Talk Network. Chapter 1 in my book Everyday Leadership begins, “Start with a Vision,” and so I will with the first episode of the show. I will be joined by Robert Fritz, one of the most … Continued

A Vision, A Website and Two New Leadership Offerings

Friends, RFL is about helping people feel the exhilaration of reaching great goals, and I can’t help sharing two personal milestones.  Today I am simultaneously launching two exciting projects:  my book Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics and Life and also a daily radio show: the “Dan Mulhern Show on Everyday Leadership,” airing on … Continued