Women and Men on Wednesday – on the Dan Mulhern Show

“Male and female He made them” we read in Genesis.  And how are they each made for leadership?  Is there a men’s leadership style?  And a women’s?  Are there generally characteristics that apply to gender and leadership?  We’ll be addressing these questions and having some fun with Kellly Rossman, CEO of the Rossman Group, a renowned public relations firm in Lansing, Michigan.

We’ll welcome your calls between 6 and 7 pm at 888-900-9966.  Have you preferred working for men or for women?  Do you think there are distinctive styles?  What kinds of changes do women need to make to be effective in “the company of men?”  And what changes do men need to make as they lead with women in increasingly diverse environments?  You can join us for the live stream by clicking on near the photograph to the left.  Love to hear your voice, or your thoughts on this blog!