Will You Make 2010 a Great Year?

At this point next year, things will be really different.  Stuff will happen, as sure as the seasons will change.  There is no way you can predict just where you’ll be, what successes you will have had, what sources of joy, and what defeats and frustrations.  But if there is one thing we know about leadership and management – personal and organizational – it’s that clarifying the destination, the end, the vision, the goal, and setting some strategy will measurably improve the chances that in the thousands of decisions and interactions ahead, you will achieve what you care about and value.  Conversely, if you head wherever you head, you’ll get wherever you get.

The problem is:  our lives ARE moving faster.  There is more to hear, see, and think about – as iPhones, Blackberries and all these other devices intrude into every last vestige of thinking time (I saw a TV yesterday in a restaurant bathroom, and another one on top of a gas pump outside!).

So, I strongly encourage you to create time and space, and the feedback of friends and counsel, to do some of that big thinking and planning.  And I would be happy to offer you a ready-made opportunity to do just that.  On Thursday and Friday , January 7th and 8th, I will convene a group of up to 15 people to engage in the scary-exciting process of looking at where they would like to be in three years, and a year from today, and then building plans and strategies to get there.  The retreat is half-full right now, and the group is comprised of a wonderfully diverse group of folks.  In two days they will get feedback from a broad range of work experiences and life experiences, and they will emerge with a tight network of folks to whom they can turn throughout the year for feedback and resources.

If you would like to join this group, please check out the retreats page on my website.  The early bird special ends at midnight on Friday, December 4.  Register now to save $300.

This “Meeting for Leading” will help people through the year ahead to

Lead with their best self,