On “Everyday Leadership”: Surviving a Digital Workplace

In the 21st century social media is king, and companies are looking for new ways to adapt to the constantly connected world. On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed how to survive in a digital workplace.

Dave Evans author of “Social Media: An Hour a Day” and contributer to www.digital-voodoo.com. A social media strategy and intelligence firm with expertise in marketing, advertising and operations. Through the site Mr. Evans and his team work with management teams to see the impact of social media. In doing so it helps different organizations put their brand, service, or product on multiple social media platforms.

Dan also had on Larry Kramer founder and former CEO of CBS Marketwatch.com and author of “C-Scape: Conquer the Factors Changing Business Today.” Mr. Kramer’s book helps employer’s educated their employee’s against consumer’s who are now overly educated on their products. The internet may be a wonderful resource, but can sometimes put the producers at a disadvantage.