The Most Meaningful Award for You

What would it be? The most meaningful award you can imagine?

I used to hope for a MacArthur Fellowship.  I guess that’s not to be, i.e., I’m just not a genius.  Darn.  I covet another award, but in a superstitious way, maybe, I can’t say it out loud.  But I’ve been pondering: Why does that award keep popping into my consciousness?  Why is it so meaning-full?

When I share my personal fears and worries, and sometimes my hopes and dreams, in Read2Lead, I often wonder:  Do others think and feel this way?  Or am I totally weird?  Well, I suspect there could be some value in this one, and I’d love for you to tell me whether you fit into the first or second of the following choices.

Choice #1 you’re like me:  Because there is an award that you wish for, perhaps secretively.    In that case, two thoughts follow: First, I will bet that such an award represents some combination of the values and the community that you cherish. Second, act on it (more)! What values are represented in this award? How might you audit your behavior to see how closely you are aligned?  And what community offers this award?  Can you draw more closely to its members – whether to thank them or to support them?  Sure, it would be nice for them to see you, but are you seeing them?  Because clearly: they matter!

Choice #2 you’re not like me in that there is no award out there that you secretly desire.  If that’s the case, what would such an award be…if you designed it? What would it be given for?  What values or behaviors? What acts would it recognize and celebrate?  And-or: From whom would it come?  Is there a community that would bestow it?  That community might be large – your city, temple, party, club, school, company.  But perhaps that community would be quite small, perhaps more a group of individuals than a community, perhaps a group of one – one mentor, one Good Person, from whom you would cherish acknowledgement of your achievements, efforts, or being.

Imagining an award can reveal your deepest leadership values. 

I know in my case that such an award would recognize me, in my values and within an important community.  AND, I realize that there is profound INTRINSIC value to me in striving to lead with these values, courageously speaking them, holding myself to them, and in giving back to the community that I so cherish.

With what most cherished values and toward what beloved community can you rededicate yourself and award yourself, as you

Lead with your best self.