See Your Way to the Best Year Ever

Happy New Year!  That’s a wish.  And here are 3 actionable ideas, especially if you haven’t set goals for 2014. First, put yourself first! Second, make yourself focus. Third, work backwards from January 1, 2015. Put yourself first, because nobody else (other than a great coach) should or will put you first.  Don’t start the … Continued

What Got Into Jack?

Friends, Jack, aged 13.5 jolted me out of deep thinking yesterday. I’d been thinking a lot about leadership and what some have called “the Great Humbling.” The Great Humbling is America’s experience of our crushing debt and lingering unemployment; the realization we can’t defend the entire world; the recognition that other world powers are rising. … Continued

The Human Freedom to Plot a Path to Somewhere Great

It has often struck me that one of the major ways we differ from other animals is our ability to see a longer term vision and plot a course to get there.  Unlike squirrels or dogs we do much more than react on-the-spot.  As artists, we can envision a finished painting, song, or book, and … Continued