Incredible Room for Your Idealism

In my 5-1/2 decades on the earth I’ve never seen ideas-ideals sweep so fast across this country. And it forces me to ask: What “reality” am I tolerating that could well change…and quickly?  Have you noticed what’s going on? 1.  We went from the pretty bizarre political compromise of “don’t ask – don’t tell” — … Continued

We Have Met the Enemy

Friends, I will go into battle at 8:00 AM, PST today, perhaps just after you have opened this.  I shall be leading a revolution.  Let me tell you the victory I seek and then the enemy(ies) I must conquer. I hope that it might help you, should you choose to lead . . . a … Continued

Get Wacky to Change and Survive

Friends, Here’s a wacky idea. It would be cool to apply it if you’re leading a family, an office team, a choir, etc.  I draw it from a school setting, so it would certainly apply there, but also to larger organizations – and most certainly to companies. Steve Phelps crystallized it for me.  He is … Continued

Keep the Change

Friends, Don’t you wish you could just tell them: “Keep the change?!” But it just keeps coming, faster than death or taxes. In leadership, you’ve got to look for change and work to help others see it…though they’d rather you just keep the change. It’s sad to watch Borders sucked down the vortex of liquidation.  If … Continued