5 Ways to Get Things Done as the Year Winds Down

With two weeks to go in the year, most of us face the choice of getting IMPORTANT things done . . . or not. The “not” result can easily happen when on the one hand we feel pressure(d), and on the other we feel a mix of “there’s just no way to get it all … Continued

Father Leadership – Who’s Doing It?

Friends, As Fathers Day approaches I’m wondering where father leadership is these days. In my home, we have watched my wife play most of what used to be considered male roles; many of you have witnessed the obvious – Jennifer as primary breadwinner, public face of the family. In our house too, roles were flipped … Continued

Dan on Gender Barriers-Part 4

Caller Bob from Okemos continues his talk with Dan on boys-to-men, and Dan talks with our engineer Tony to get a younger perspective of why guys are maturing slowly.

Dan on Gender Barriers-Part 3

In segment three Dan talks with a caller on what the differences are between older generation men, compared to the younger generation.

Dan on Gender Barriers-Part 2

Segment two Dan talks more about how women are rising over men in many different workplaces. Dan take’s a look at how the once male dominated world is becoming more of a woman’s world.

Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Gender Roles in Health Care

Previously on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talks about “Health Care and the Role of Caregivers.” Many of us think of women in the role of nursing, but what about the men of nursing? Author Christine Williams has written about men in women’s jobs and how the workplace is still largely a man’s world. Williams will be … Continued