Not Just a Follower

Not Just a Follower Friends, Today, I share outrage and a quick refresher. The outrage:  Here’s what happens: the Detroit Tigers lose, and we blame the authorities.  I’m guilty of this.  I didn’t see why the Tigers manager Jim Leyland put Schlereth in for Scherzer.  But hey, take your pick: from an owner, president, GM, … Continued

Leading When the Lines Are All Blurred

Friends, Have you ever thought about all the lines that have been erased in the last 50 years?  It hit me when I was listening to a story about the number and impact of “soldier bloggers” in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Technology has eliminated the line between journalists and troops, and the line between commanders and … Continued

What Do You Expect?

What Do You Expect? Friends, Last week Jennifer, Jack, Cece and I saw a very powerful documentary film now out, called “Waiting for Superman.” There are enough scenes dramatic, controversial, or just really powerful, that it wouldn’t be possible for me to spoil the movie for you – even when I tell you that for … Continued

Greek Gods Among Us

Greek Gods Among Us Friends, Seems to me that if we’re going to lead well and follow well, we’ve got to come to terms with something deep and basic in human nature.  And understanding this odd aspect of our humanity is especially critical when our environments are topsy-turvy, insecure, scarce or scary.  Such an environment … Continued

They Need to Fix It. They – Who?

Pop! Culture sometimes reveals everyday leadership better than any scholar. If you have ever wielded authority – as a boss, parent, owner, manager, principal, superintendent – and you have never viewed Oscar Rogers’ take on last year’s financial meltdown, then do yourself a 1-minute 59-second favor and watch this hilarious Saturday Night Live video before … Continued