What Happens When Somebody Attacks You

[audio:https://danmulhern.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/What-Happens-When-Somebody-Attacks-You.mp3]   Friends, I have one story I’ll frame with three questions.  If you feel like it, comment on them when you’re finished reading. 1.   How important for everyday leadership at home and work is the phenomenon I will discuss? 2.   What’s your experience been? 3.   Do you think the issue is mostly just … Continued

The Irony of Adversaries – Part 2 on the best self

Friends, Last week I wrote about the need we all have as leaders to become aware of our judgments of others – our mental whipping boys. My point was to develop the skill of stepping outside your judgments and strong opinions and to see yourself judging. Let me exemplify this and push to why it … Continued

Authority and Conflict Resolution

In the final segment of the show, Dan talks with two callers on how they solve common problems in their lives. Dan talks with a local nurse and teacher about different authority roles can affect how a conflict is solved.

Lessons on Conflict

In the beginning of the second hour, Dan talks about the possible lessons that arise out of conflict and a new approach to viewing a “bad” situation.

Sometimes You Win When You Lose

Friends, Todays story reflects my hard-won victory over . . . well, over me. It was grueling — like a 5-set tennis match. And, like a lot of my wins in the world of self-management and other-leadership, I’ll forget how I pulled out a win, why such a win is worth the effort, and how … Continued