How to Lead in Politically Divisive Times

Thanks to so many of you who commented on last week’s blog, offering feedback on the “Clear the Air” series and expressing interest in future topics.  A good number asked me to write about “thoughts on leading as American citizens in this unsettling time.”  With the primary tomorrow, that feels timely. I believe the major … Continued

Keeping it real simple

This blog is called Everyday Leadership.  Obama is Obama.  Trump is Trump.  And you and I can choose to be everyday leaders.  324,707,000 people reside here.  It’s pretty wonderful and pretty crazy that as 1 out of 324,707,000 each of us feels entitled to have our voice matter in this representative democracy.  Doesn’t it seem … Continued

You – Making America Great Together

The last marathon I ran was in Sacramento, and the last mile felt harder, slower, and longer than the first 25.1.  It reminds me of this never-ending race.  Wednesday, when it’s over, the question will be:  How will Trump or Clinton help us heal? Since it’s a democracy, I’d ask:  How will each of us … Continued

Risky Business – I Recommend It

Friends, My stomach has announced:  the election is nearly here.  My first memorable campaign was 1969, when I was in 5th grade. I could hardly sleep leading up to my dad’s mayoral election. He lost.  And those stomach pains gave way to the peculiar physiological process we call crying – whatever tightness was held in … Continued