Pursue Presence – Forget Charisma

This was originally published on March 27, 2011 Friends, If you’ve been with me the past few weeks, you know I’ve been writing about the notion of “presence.” I’ve been suggesting that we can understand this unusual concept, and that as “everyday leaders” we can not only understand it, but practice and develop it. Often … Continued

I Own This Space!

Friends, Last week I suggested that charisma and the energy associated with it are vital tools, not just for big-stage political and business leaders, but for “everyday leaders.” I’ve been reading outside the leadership field for insight and came across a wonderful exercise in a book called Stage Presence by Jane Goodall.  I’ll quote it … Continued

Today’s Oxymoron Is: Everyday Charisma

If I were to ask a crowd “what do great leaders have that others don’t seem to,” it surely wouldn’t be very long before someone would say “charisma.” And someone else would say “presence.” You might wonder:  Who has it? Do I have it? Do you have it? And, what the heck is “it,” anyway? … Continued