Read in The Daily Beast: Dan’s “8 Tips for Men in Power—and In Lust”

8 Tips for Men in Power—and In Lust

by Dan Mulhern

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair and Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged sexual assault of a maid show men need to talk to each other about how to treat women. Daniel Mulhern, a former first husband of Michigan, offers eight tips on getting the conversation started.

Women talk to each other. And to men, as Michelle Cottle has in her hilariously painful list of seven basic tips for “horny” politicians. One of men’s biggest problems—in a post-John Wayne world, where it matters to be able to express yourself—is that we don’t talk to each other enough. So, rather than accept Ms. Cottle’s admittedly cynical “tips,” as the last word, I suggest eight tips as conversation starters among men and about men:

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