Previously On “Everyday Leadership”: Men at Work

Last week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discusses men at work!  Young men fresh out of college are not taking the “rat race” seriously. Living one day at a time, millennial men are using what they learned from college – partying after graduation, rather than the knowledge they learned in the classroom.

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Author Michael Kimmel will be on to discuss his growing list of books on the myths and mysteries of the world where boys become men. We will be featuring his latest book “Guyland” which is based off of interviews with young men between the ages of 16-26. The book shows how many of the men stuck in “Guyland” are white, middle-class Americans. A panel of local young men will be on to discuss their views on this behavior, and if it is relevant to the lifestyle they are currently living. What is making today’s youth not own up to their responsibilities? Has the most recent generation grown accustomed to their dreams coming easily?

Great reading on the topic comes from Hanna Rosin writing in the Atlantic Magazine, “The End of Men.”