How to Choose a Role Model for Maximum Effect – a mini column


We got to Jack’s piano recital early last night. Scott was putting the programs on the chairs.

Just an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet folded in half, with a frilly cut on the right side of the cover.  Inside: Twenty three students were listed on the left with the title of their selection on the right.

Towards the end the pieces got more challenging: “Hungarian Rhapsody,” and the gorgeously comprehensible “Glassworks” by Philip Glass.  I glanced back at the program before the finale, an older teenage girl was to accompany herself to Adele’s “Skyfall.”

I looked at the cover. I scanned the back.

No mention of Scott Fleming, teacher.

Scott’s a role model for me. Cuz he doesn’t make it about Scott.  Too often I make it about Dan.

Seems to me that the best role models are those that remind us of how we need to stretch. My wife is one of my prime models, because she seeks the positive and incessantly moves forward, where sometimes I can get stuck.

I invite you to consider very consciously choosing your role model(s).  Pick those who remind you of those things you need to more consciously and intentionally do or be, so that you

Lead with your best self,