Getting an A in Anxiety

I offer this blog for people who are feeling a lot of anxiety, particularly students facing final exams. In about one page I’d like to share a story, a cognitive understanding, and a few simple prescriptions. If it helps you, great. If you think it might be of use to someone, particularly a college student, … Continued

Leading Excellence – Learning from the Curry Magic

First, please watch this mind-and-body-boggling 57-second video. Maybe just ask: HOW???? Are you done shaking your head in disbelief? Come back onto your field of play. Maybe you pursue excellence at a trade or craft – speaking, mediating, inspiring, designing, building, teaching, or how about parenting? What can we learn about pursuing excellence? Incessant repetition. … Continued

Fight Putin”>marvelous

Every morning in the bathroom, after I’ve done my meditation and writing, I say, “good morning Google.” and my speaker responds, “good morning, Danno.” I like that she refers to me the way my law school buddies did. I smile at her Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AIEI? EIEIO!). She tells me the time, the weather and … Continued

R2L Hiatus and Return

Dear Friends, I wrote my first R2L blog on March 1, 2000! For most of those 22 years I have written every Sunday night. In the last 2 years, I’ve gotten erratic. And I have been radio-silent for the past couple of months. So, what’s up? Well, I have been thinking, reading and writing a … Continued

Why Leaders May Want to Breathe”>

This is an experimental Read2Lead, so I would especially like your feedback. Today I go in. It’s about leading the leader. It’s a different kind of Leading by Two, where the observing self engages with the living self. Me leading me. You leading you. The reflection below flows from a friendship/mentorship with my TA, Mina. … Continued

Hey Leader: Take the first step

Back in 1989 I remember tenderly touching Jennifer’s swollen midsection and saying, “I think I’m going to hit the next person who says, ‘your life will never be the same.’” I knew having a child would change our lives forever – and I knew with a knowledge that would admittedly deepen over the years – … Continued

What If Your Greatest Achievement…

The Greatest Achievement of your life! What if the greatest achievement of your life is not something that you do yourself. Or to put it differently, what if the greatest achievement you’ll ever claim is someone else doing something great? It is simply a fact of our nature that we think of ourselves first. Neither … Continued

Why They Misunderstood What You Said!

Before reading this post, please bring to mind an important partnership, and one where you have stumbled in communication and/or currently have something you’ve been holding back, out of concern it won’t be heard well. What would you like to share with the other?  “Open communication” is the most frequently cited driver of great pairs. … Continued

Mastering Open Communication in your important dyads

  This week, I invite you to walk through an exercise in Leading by Two.  1. Recognize your partners: With whom are you Leading by Two? My partners and I have become quite clear that “Leading by Two” (LX2) describes not only a what – a relationship with a single essential partner – but it … Continued