Thanksgiving – Could be even better? Yes!

Jane, Kim, Wayne, Lynn, Bob, and Gretchen – the Positive Leadership (Scholars)* at  University Michigan – were the most POSITIVE people I think I’d ever met. I have met some very religiously positive people. But these were PhDs, scholars(!), the kind I’d known at Yale and Harvard, who seldom believed in anything, except for not … Continued

Leading Excellence – Learning from the Curry Magic

First, please watch this mind-and-body-boggling 57-second video. Maybe just ask: HOW???? Are you done shaking your head in disbelief? Come back onto your field of play. Maybe you pursue excellence at a trade or craft – speaking, mediating, inspiring, designing, building, teaching, or how about parenting? What can we learn about pursuing excellence? Incessant repetition. … Continued