Who’s Got Your Back?

The Irish priests in Boston know their politics. Still, Fr. McInnes’ prescience and sophistication jolted me.  During our marriage preparation, he knew full well the aspirations I was packing up for my trip from the ideals of Harvard’s halls to the political streets where I intended to run in Detroit.  “Dan, what if the party … Continued

Leading by Two – How Do You Identify a Strong Partner

Cathy Raines, an organizational development expert at the State Department, thoughtfully challenged my post last week about how military heroes seldom act in a solitary way, but instead depend heavily on LeadingX2. She asked the two-part question:  “What’s a step I can take and with whom as my partner/buddy?”  I answer them in reverse order. … Continued

Learning from Veterans about Leadership and LX2

Often we think that soldiers are solitary heroes. This is almost never the case in that they train, work and survive in units, often in critical pairs. And often we think they enlist out of patriotism. That contains truth for some.*  Actually, more enlist in the army for adventure, and for occupational and economic reasons. … Continued

How to Lead in Politically Divisive Times

Thanks to so many of you who commented on last week’s blog, offering feedback on the “Clear the Air” series and expressing interest in future topics.  A good number asked me to write about “thoughts on leading as American citizens in this unsettling time.”  With the primary tomorrow, that feels timely. I believe the major … Continued