Soul Searching – Do You Lead – Are You a Leader?

Soul Searching:  Do You Lead – Are You a Leader? I’d like to explore the distinction, as a way of getting you to think about your fundamental attitudes at work, in community, and at home. I am 99% sure that everyone who reads this blog leads, and I wonder if it would help if they-you … Continued

Leaders Stretch and Will You

It’s pretty inescapable that individuals as leaders, and organizations as leaders . . . stretch.  A couple examples.  Amazon the ultimate elastic company just keeps stretching with almost daily experimentation – from incorporating Whole Foods to continually new advertising on its boxes to Prime Day (I was a victim of this modern day variant of … Continued

The Privilege of Authority is You Can Let Them Stretch You

Dang it was a hard week.  On the last day of the prior week, at the end of a wonderful time at Lake Michigan, I threw out my back (doing yoga, of all things). Crooked, bent and thus more than a little irritable, I returned to Berkeley to welcome and teach forty-two 30-and-40 year old … Continued

Boost Productivity With Simple Management Rules of Thumb

Visiting students from China, Japan, France, German, from Kenyon College, USC and UC Santa Barbara, oh and Berkeley jammed their way with me through a six-week course in leadership. It was akin to running a half-mile race; you can’t sprint, but you have to keep up a consistently fast pace. Eight hours of class and … Continued

July 4th Break

I’ll be taking the week off and hope you as I celebrate the great gift of freedom. Remember “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”* For some leisurely 4th of July genesis of this famous, go here: And lead with your best self.