Calling for Next Level Leaders

You are surely and sorely needed at this time.  Needed to think – and perhaps act – globally, and surely to think and act locally. They have never been more connected. Globally, there are 25 million documented refugees, with another 40 million displaced within their countries.* Over half are under eighteen. The vast majority seek … Continued

My Dad – Your Dad – Leadership

I woke up on Sunday, Fathers Day, thinking about my dad, John G. Mulhern, 1/11/28 – 10/16/96. I ask you to hit the comments today and share the answer to the question that arose for me, which I will offer and respond to here. What were the most important gifts I received from dad?   Life, … Continued

Whaddya Want? How to Choose Your BEST Self

The most wonderful thing – about being human is you get to choose what you want.  Yet, it’s hard. It’s so much easier to be told what to want, or to have habits take over, or to jump to doing whatever seems like it should be done next. In the hyper-busyness that is characteristic of … Continued