Be Careful How You Characterize

Authors create characters. Back in 1982, when I was entirely smitten with the work of novelist Walker Percy, I wrote him a letter to tell him that his writing was so good that I felt his characters were more real than people I met in my life.  (If you enjoy character novels, try Percy’s Love in … Continued

Are You a Strong Leader?

Leaders are supposed to be STRONG, right?  Look up strong on Google and click on “images.”  Here’s the first of many similar images: One thing is obvious, right?  The figure to the left is a GUY! There are other images on the Google search.  More bulging boy biceps. You’ll also see near the top, the … Continued

Leading Through Routine and Stagnation

  “Assume more power when situations are stagnant…”  Nate Medina, UC Berkeley, ’18 I am submerged in final papers.  Berkeley juniors and seniors pull together their thoughts after a semester’s course on leadership.  The papers marry their personal experience leading with the theoretical concepts they have gathered from lectures and readings.  Their reflections are universally … Continued