Mending Division in Your Leadership World

Read if there is division in your world.  If not, skip it. Two stories. 4 points of view. Please see if you can withhold judgment. Story 1. A dear mentee and friend.  He’d spent more than a handful of years in prison for a crime he committed as a teen.  He’s an inspiration to me.  … Continued

Using Your Unused Capacity As Boss

Everyday Leadership means you don’t need no stinkin’ boss to tell you what to do. You have your own value and values, your own initiative and instincts. Sure, the boss is “above” you, but they may not be smarter, kinder, or more effective. And even the owner . . . don’t own you! They should … Continued

Two Powerful Listening Practices

It’s extraordinary how we learn shortcuts and habits in everything we do in order to be more efficient. It’s pretty cool. Of course, our practices and habits cause us not only to repeat good shortcuts but also to repeat mistakes. Mistakes we’re not even aware of. That’s why a great coach – in tennis, guitar, … Continued