A Step-by-Step Process for When GRRRRR You’re Stuck

(Note: RFL generally runs about a page. Today it’s about 2 pages; not as quick a read, as it required more explanation.  Next week, I expect to return to shorter pieces, but I hope you find value in this one.) Last week, I wrote about those “Grrrrr, what do I do?” moments, where inner frustration keeps … Continued

Pushback Management – Giving and Getting It

Every parent’s nightmare:  It’s the Sunday before Christmas and you’re at the mall.  It’s 4:00 and you have to get two more gifts; you won’t have another chance with work deadlines, family coming in town, and a house that’s not ready. Your just-turned-three-year old, however, has been literally dragging her feet despite the little carousel … Continued