I Was Crazy in 2008! Crazier Now! We Can Save Politics

I continue my brief sabbatical with the “best of” Reading for Leading.  This one is from the Fall (campaign of 2008).  Although it may seem crazier than then, because everyone seems “mad as hell,” but I WILL be bullish on America until I die, because it’s a democracy, after all. I love it!  A few … Continued

What’s With Leading Up?

I originally published this column in 2008 and got almost 80 reader responses. Thought it worth sharing with some minor revisions… Do you make anything of this? Last Monday I wrote about “managing up.” I got only 4 blog comments, three of which were random attacks on the Governor that were unrelated to my column. … Continued

Washington Lincoln Learning and You

What does this say to you?  Abraham Lincoln had only about a year of formal schooling.  George Washington was schooled by his father, until the latter died when Washington was eleven years old. His  schooling ended then. Our two greatest presidents – who led the country through its two most treacherous times – were both … Continued

Whiners and Leaders

Would you argue with me if I said that we have become a culture of whiners?  Leaders — and of course I use that word not to refer to a position, but to a frame of mind and action — leaders don’t whine.  And our world needs us to lead. Whining connotes powerlessness.  And maybe … Continued

What They Forgot to Tell Bosses but Bosses Need to Know

I led a workshop last week in San Francisco for the Institute for Management Studies, and I was reminded again about how bosses can make their people miserable. This is about how not to do that! Among the 40 or so participants there were about six ghosts, managers the participants had left behind at their workplaces, … Continued