Next Week Will Be Great But In a New Way

I am guessing that you did not notice that I first published last week’s “Reading for Leading” about Dr. King in January of 2007.  (I updated one line about Black Lives Matter.)   Many of you weren’t even getting “Reading for Leading” in 2007.  I am coming upon my 16th anniversary of birthing RFL (God … Continued

Allow Dr King to Inspire You to Lead With Your Best Self

  Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day in the United States. We could move in fifty directions to explore the leadership ground that Dr. King laid out for us, but I want to explore one part of that territory.  I always finish this e-column with the line “Lead with your best self.” That line … Continued

It’s Nike Time

Wow! The results from my survey on goal-setting were pretty wild! I figure people who self-selected to do it would be the ones most likely to set goals. A couple things jumped out: 1. Only 25.55% (70 of 274) believe in annual goal setting and do it religiously. Another 36.86% (101) believe in it and “do … Continued

Will You Set Annual Goals – And Will You Reach Them?

Some see annual goals as essential, others as optional, still others as a waste. How about you? Today, a very simple 3-question survey, with immediate cumulative results. Question 3 might help you think about how to make your goal-attainment more successful. I’d love to have your input! Here’s the link: Lead with your best … Continued