Leading by Two

I have frequently written about how leaders go first. For three years I have been researching “paired leadership.” And this morning I offer a wonderful example of both. Until yesterday, a gay marriage was essentially conceptual to me. But, I only realized that as I sat down for Fred and Jim’s service. Jim and Fred … Continued

Focus So You Can Manage to Manage Better

Over the 20 or so years I have been explicitly reading, writing and thinking about leadership, I have tried to see it in simpler and simpler ways. Originally, I was captivated by vision. Whether you lead from “above,” or, from below-where-the-action-is, you can generate power by helping people to focus on just what we are trying … Continued

Movies and Leadership – Who Grabs You?

When a scene is well written, directed and acted, we can feel targeted or triggered. We are treated or entreated — we are drawn to something that evokes what’s best in us. These dramatic figures are like a gift to us, and they hit each of us in our own way, in our own spot. … Continued