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Today’s approach to “leading with our best self,” is entirely practical. Biologically so. In January I began my fourth semester of teaching “Holistic Leadership” to law, public policy and other graduate students at UC Berkeley.  With the three prior runs, I have struggled to find my rhythm.  I’ve poured over feedback. I even met with one … Continued

Finding Your Inner President

Who’s your favorite modern President? Was it their temperament or politics or a stand they took? Or was it some other yardstick you’d use to measure them? They all present one massive truth about leadership. Oh, my gosh, it’s hard and thankless. Here, compliments of the great Wikipedia/Gallup are their highs, lows and average approval … Continued

Just What Does it Mean to Lead With Your Best Self?

I have been signing-off Reading for Leading for 15 years with the line “lead with your best self.” What do I mean by that? And, more importantly, what do you take from it? Here is perhaps the acid test of leading with your best self. A story. I moved back to Detroit when I was … Continued

Find Your Sweet Spot and Focus – From Dr. Christine Carter

Thanks for the amazing range of comments to last week’s RFL about how you find your sweet spot (I used to choose three book winners from the 76 submissions).  Today I am lending RFL to Dr. Christine Carter for her thoughts: I’ve loved reading how people find their groove, or their sweet spot! I … Continued