5 Things Leaders Do When Emotions Are High

Last week, I noted that any leadership problem that’s worth its salt will have emotion bursting through it. Whether that problem’s a “rebellious teenager,” the Israelis and Palestinians, employee layoffs, or controversial strategy. I asked your thoughts about what a leader should do with emotion, and there were some great comments from Cathy Raines, Mick McKellar, Norma … Continued

If Emotional Leadership Isn’t an Oxymoron

A week ago today a 20-year old man was found dead in a fraternity on campus.  I felt compelled to touch on it in my leadership class. All sixty of my students write papers weekly that reflect their desire to lead and grow as leaders.  Here was a chance. In slide 1 I wrote, LEADERSHIP … Continued

Celebrating a Veteran – Questioning our Assumptions

One of the favorite classes I teach is on giving feedback. It’s an art. And it’s a science, whose inner laws were taught me by my friend and mentor Mary Ann Hastings. I keep learning to “paint” with the feedback brush and to refine my understanding of the scientific laws of feedback. Last week I … Continued

Stupid Rules – How to Figure if Yours Are

A “Reading for Leading” reader — I’ll call her Ann — pushed back in a private email to me.  She wrote these two paragraphs: In a future newsletter, you may want to distinguish between rules to be broken and those that should be honored.  To me, the first are ones imposed without consent (English taxes … Continued