Why is it so hard to get people to take initiative?

I asked my students this question: “How many times were you told to take a risk or break a rule by a teacher in a classroom?” “Call it out,” I said, and I cupped my hand behind my ear and looked down to concentrate on the answers. I heard, “0,0,1,0,0,never,once,twice,zero,zero,never,once or twice.” “Isn’t that amazing?” … Continued

A Simple Way to Simultaneously Learn More and Strengthen Relationships

I’m reading a great book called Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together, by William Isaacs who teaches at MIT. (While Harvard has its big name and often big ego), 🙂 I’ve always admired those MIT folks.  They tend to bring an underlying and wonderful scientific skepticism – and scientific hypothesizing – to their work.  If you know … Continued

Why Mistakes Can Be Great – Even Real Whoppers

I had a perfectly good explanation. But I had NO EXCUSE. Professionals don’t show up late when they’re presenting – sufficiently late that the program had to be rearranged. I’d hurried in, plugged in my deck and was ready to go in 30 seconds, but the train had left the station. They’d inserted a new … Continued

A Story of Human, Humbling, H-Amazing Everyday Leadership

Longtime readers of Reading for Leading know that I tell (perhaps way too many) stories from my own experiences leading. Specifically, leading in the place that matters most to me — leading my children. I take consolation in the fact that I try to be transparent, especially about my missed opportunities and humbling shortfalls. But this one … Continued